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We aim to be world class engineering construction company providing efficient affordable, sustainable and cost effective services of the highest level

Our Mission

ASC is committed to deliver measurable, quantity and effaces benchmark against international standards and best practices by merging between the professionalism and the latest advance technology on the market

Our Vision

We work closely with our clients to accurately interpret their dreams/visions in drawing and bring them to the desired reality through construction solutions to meet their needs, we communicate with our clients throughout the construction process to keep them informed of progress and to ensure that our project keeps on

Our Goals

Our Main Goal is to provide the best serices to our clients and to work constantky to provide the latest technologies and modern strategies of emplementing projects, in order to keep pace with the rapid develmpent in all areas of life and to become part of the constructive and beneficial economy in the kingdom, and this will only come with thr confidence and the encourgament that will gain from our caluble clients in different sectors .

Our Services

What We Do

As a main Contracting We are Offering

“Electrical system, solar Energy and eclectic vehicle charging stations”

Design, supply, install, testing, consulting

“Architects and Civil work”

Design, supply, install, testing, consulting

“Mechanical System Work”

Design, supply, install, testing, consulting

“Low Current Systems work”

Design, supply, install, testing, consulting